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Whether discussing racism and health equity, long-term care and public health, or productivity and faith as a motivational speaker and ordained minister, Dr. S.F-Walters loves to engage with her audiences in ways that center their learning and success. As a speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator, she believes that her role is to facilitate a learning environment that welcomes every student and encourages their desire to know more.


She believes that teaching is less about imparting knowledge, and more about invoking a spirit of natural curiosity, and she values the opportunity to develop learning experiences that promote expert-level critical thinking, simplify the complex through the relatable, and foster mutual learning opportunities. Even as a keynote speaker her goal is to engage the audience in ways that deepen their thirst for knowledge.

Core Topics

Structural racism: A fundamental cause of racial/ethnic long-term care inequities.

This talk can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or as part of a panel.

COVID-19 may have brought to the surface and to light the various racial and ethnic disparities in long-term care; but none of the inequities observed today are new. In fact, many of the observed inequities may be related to structural and institutional racism, discrimination, and disproportionality. This session will serve as a conversation between health equity and aging researchers with a focus on long-term care. Dr. Fashaw-Walters will share data and statistics related to long-term care inequities, discuss the mechanisms related to the observed inequities, and propose best practices and recommendations for mitigating and eliminating disparities, while sharing findings from recent own research.

Intersectionality & Health Inequities: Place Matters.

This talk can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or as part of a panel.

Dr. S. F-Walters developed this talk while co-teaching a course on Intersectionality & Health Inequities at Brown University. This talk examines the relationship between place and health inequities from an intersectionality perspective. The intersectionality framework examines how systemic and social injustices exist on a multidimensional basis. This talk focuses on the multiple forms of residential segregation by starting with a review of history and leaning into a discussion of reparations. For a workshop, this talk may include readings, video clips, and findings from Dr. Fashaw-Walters’ own work. 

Black Lives Matter Less: Structural Racism & Health

This talk can be delivered as a panel, but is best delivered as a keynote or workshop.

Dr. S.F-Walters has given numerous talks around racism & health. In fact, she teaches a summer course called “Black Lives Matter Less” that is all about how racism impacts the health of Black and Brown bodies and communities. On this particular topic Shekinah can serves as a panelist or keynote. She starts by evening the playing field so that everyone has a common definition and understanding of the three levels of racism. She then discusses how we see racism manifested in our everyday lives from the communities we live in to our experiences with law enforcement. And more interestingly, she discusses how these manifestations of racism impact our everyday health. She has expertise in long-term care and older adults and has done research examining racism in long-term care, as such many of her examples related back to the older adult population and COVID-19.

“Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion”: Encouraging WHOleness to support historically excluded students. 

This talk can be delivered as a panel, but is best delivered as a keynote or workshop.

As a 1st generation graduate student of color, Dr. Fashaw-Walters has first-hand experience with surviving and thriving as a graduate student. Having worked with various mentors and serving as a mentor herself, she is a wealth of knowledge on how to support historically excluded students. Dr. S. F-Walters has spoken to hundreds of undergraduate students with doctoral aspirations and is often sought after for her advice around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion by department chairs and deans. Her expertise in racism and equity adds depth to this talk and attendees are sure to walk away having learned something new with strategies on how to support the success of their students, or of themselves as students. This talk can be given to students or mentors. 

Speaking At a Glance


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Reach out and connect with Dr. Fashaw-Walters for your next speaking engagement or event. 

Invited Presentations

  • Speaker, Black Lives Matter Less: Race, Place & Health. Wardlaw + Hartridge Inclusive Communities: Race & Identity Biennial Symposium. Edison, NJ (virtual event), April 2021.

  • Discussant, Building a Coordinated Age-Friendly Ecosystem. The John A. Hartford Foundation, Age Friendly Foundation, and International Longevity Centre, December 2020; March 2021; & June 2021. 

  • Keynote, Structural racism: A fundamental cause of racial/ethnic long-term care disparities. Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), October 2020. 

  • Lecturer, Racism, Aging, and Long-Term Services & Supports. Praxis Lab on Aging Well, University of Utah Honors College, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 2020. 

  • Panelist, Department Culture. Brown University Graduate Student of Color Orientation, Online, August 2020. 

  • Moderator, Leadership Alliance National Symposium Student Oral Presentations. Leadership Alliance National Symposium, Online, July 2020.

  • Keynote, Structural racism: A fundamental cause of racial/ethnic healthcare disparities. IHI COVID-19 Rapid Response Network for Nursing Homes, Online, July 2020. 

  • Panelist, Structural racism's impact on health. A virtual panel discussion on systemic racism and the issues impacting our society today, Miramar, FL, July 2020.

  • Speaker, Place Matters. Intersectionality and Health Inequities, Providence, RI, April 2020.

  • Keynote, The who behind what you do: Centering your research. Leadership Alliance National Symposium, Hartford, CT, July 2019.

  • Opening Speaker, My grandma prefers her home: Does her home health agency? Research Matters, Brown University, April 2019.

  • Workshop Facilitator, Graduate School Goals. Brown University Graduate Student of Color Orientation, Providence, RI, August 2018.

  • Panelist, SOPHAS Virtual Chat. Brown University School of Public Health, Online, July 2018. 

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