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Health Equity & Aging Scholar |  Thought Leader | Advocate

I envision a society where the strength, autonomy, dignity, and independence of all older adults are enhanced by policies and practices that promote healthy and equitable aging. And to get there, there is much work to be done.

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dr. Shekinah A. Fashaw-Walters is a health services researcher whose program of research focuses on understanding the inequities in aging while elucidating and explicitly naming racism as a fundamental determinant of health inequities within post-acute and long-term care. Her research is inspired and guided by her commitment to antiracist work that moves beyond ivory tower.


  1. Scholarly anti-racist research that empowers effective policy solutions and healthcare practice innovations.

  2. Facilitating a learning environment that welcomes every student and encourages their desire to know more.

  3. Advocating for the voices that have been silenced by systems of oppression, so that we as a society can thrive.


Dr. S.F-Walters' program of research is inspired by her commitment to equity and antiracist work that aims to mitigate and eliminate the health disparities associated with racial inequities and injustices. Her work continues to build an antiracist narrative that empowers effective policy solutions and healthcare practice innovations.

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Dr. Fashaw-Walters is a sought-after, talented, and engaging keynote speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator. Her philosophy is that a teacher’s, mentor’s, and speaker’s role is to facilitate a learning environment that welcomes every person and encourages their desire to know more.

Media Coverage


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